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St John's Fisher

ICT Facilities

As well as being a taught subject, ICT is integrated into all curriculum areas and is viewed as essential to the future success of all our students.

Finances permitting we invest in ICT to ensure our equipment and software is kept up to date, and help support teaching and learning in the classroom.

ICT Classrooms

There are many classrooms containing ICT facilities. These are upgraded on a rolling programme and are all connected to the same network providing specialist software to all areas of the school. As well as this specialist software, Microsoft Office is used and taught so every student is familiar with the usage of industry-standard software. There are over 600 devices on the school network, all running Windows 7 Professional and are served using Microsoft Windows Server 2016.  The school aims to upgrade to Windows 10 in the coming year.


Due to a successful donation, iPads are available in school within the DT and ICT department.  These are used by staff and students to aid learning in the classroom.  PE also have iPads available to record sporting events and to develop the students technique.

On-Line Resources

We currently utilise on-line resouces in a number of areas in school, including the use of Edlounge, PiXl Apps, MyMaths and GCSE Pod - further details of these can be found in the Student Resouces section of the website.


We have an excellent ICT department in school, that as well as providing daya to day computing facilities, gives students the opportunity to use Raspberry Pi, build robots using lego, use Microbits, and take part in it's successfull eSports Club.

Frog VLE

The Frog VLE has been purchased by the school, and is currently being set up and created by our developers.  We hope to have this fully up and working for September 2018.

Remote Access

Staff and Students have the ability to access the school resources from home.  This is available at request from the ICT Department and the Network Manager..

In the Classroom

All classrooms are fitted with a digital projector and in most cases an Interactive Smartboard to help aid teaching and learning for all the students