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Dear Parents/Carers

In light of the extremely busy schedule the Year 11 students have had for the last two weeks of their exams we have taken the decision that students will be allowed to start their study leave as of tomorrow (24/05/19) and so do not need to be in school as of tomorrow (24/05/19) unless they have exams or a revision workshop. This is the same format that we will follow after half term and you will receive individualised timetables for the students in the post over half term.

In regards to the examinations tomorrow, students sitting the Business exam in the morning should arrive at school at normal time to complete this, they will then be able to leave school after this exam. Those sitting Design and Technology exams are strongly advised to attend the workshop that is being put on at 11.45 before they sit their exams in the afternoon (once in school they must remain on site until after their exam), if they want to be in school at 9am then revision spaces will be provided for them. If a student has a Business and DT exam tomorrow then they must remain on the school site all day and revision space will be provided in school.  

If a year 11 has no exams on a particular day then they can either remain at home all day or attend school where again quiet study spaces or specific workshops will be provided for them.

Thank you for you continued support during the exams and we wish all the students continued good luck as we approach the half way mark.