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St John's Fisher

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St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy is part of The Blessed Peter Snow Academy Trust. The registered office is:

St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy

Oxford Road


WF13 4LL

T: 01924 527000     twitter: @sjfdewsbury

Headteacher: Miss S Wilkinson: office@stjohnfisher.org.uk

Chair of Governors: Mr E Kirkwood, contactable directly at the school.

Safeguarding: Mrs C Kernan: c-kernan@stjohnfisher.org.uk

Reception: reception@stjohnfisher.org.uk

SEND Co-ordinator: Mrs K Lea: k-lea@stjohnfisher.org.uk

Pastoral Team: pastoral@stjohnfisher.org.uk

Achievement Leader for Year 7: Mr M Shepherd m-shepherd@stjohnfisher.org.uk

Achievement Leader for Year 8: Mr A Saunders a-saunders@stjohnfisher.org.uk

Achievement Leader for Year 9 Ms M Thompstone m-thompstone@stjohnfisher.org.uk

Achievement Leader for Year 10 Miss A Warr a-warr@stjohnfisher.org.uk

Achievement Leader for 11 Mr E Egan c-egan@stjohnfisher.org.uk

Achievement Leader 6th Form Mrs A Fleetwood a-fleetwood@stjohnfisher.org.uk