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St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy has a cashless catering system that allows us to provide a more efficient, faster, safer and ultimately better quality of service.

This is a system that eliminates the need to carry cash throughout the day thus reducing the risk of loss. It is also biometric so there is no need to carry a card as the system will recognise the thumb print of your child at the revaluation pay points and at the tills.  When your child starts school they place their thumb on the till point to register with the system (unless you have decided to opt out of this and use a pin number instead).  


Any amount of money can be paid into your account, with the money spent on food and drink deducted on a daily basis. We are aiming for all parents to use the ParentPay system to avoid cash being handled in school.

There will be a daily ‘spend limit’ programmed into the system of £6.50. This can be increased or decreased for an individual student by making a written request to the school catering office.