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St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy

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Attendance Contacts:

Miss H Adams - Family Liaison lead (h-adams@stjohnfisher.org.uk)

Mrs J Oakes – Attendance Manager (j-oakes@stjohnfisher.org.uk)

Ms G Berla - Attendance Support Officer (g-berla@stjohnfisher.org.uk)

Mrs R Jubb - Attendance Support Officer (r-jubb@stjohnfisher.org.uk)

Attendance Leaflet - March 2022

Student LOA Form - March 2023

Reporting Pupil Absence

All students should aim for at least 96% attendance, but should your child be absent from school, we would ask that you notify us as soon as possible. 

There are 3 ways you can report a pupil absence, and we would kindly request that you do so by 9.30am, if possible:

  • Telephone school on 01924 527000 selecting ‘student absence’
  • Text school on 07860 095579
  • Email school at ‘attendance@stjohnfisher.org.uk’

As a safeguarding measure, a text message will be sent to parents if a student is not marked present during registration and we have not received notification that they will be absent from school. We will contact you by telephone if we can’t reach you by text. This is to ensure that they are safe, and have not gone missing on the way to school.

If your child has an ongoing medical condition please contact us, or your child’s Achievement Leader, to discuss the nature of the illness and to ensure that we can support your child to ensure that this has limited impact on their education. If we can, we will make adaptions so that your child can continue attending school.


All students should be in their form base by 9am. Any student who arrives after this time will be given a late mark. Please contact the attendance office if your child will be arriving late giving a reason and the expected arrival time. This will then prevent a text message being sent to you, and more importantly, this will make us aware that your child is safe.

Appointments in school time

Whilst we realise that some appointments are unavoidable, we would kindly request that where possible, appointments are made outside of school time. If your child has an appointment and needs to leave school during the day, we would ask that you send a letter to confirm the date and time of the appointment.

How can you help with your child’s attendance?

  • - Keep a track of your child’s absence/attendance pattern
  • - Try and make medical appointments outside of school time where possible
  • - Have a bit of ‘tough love’ with your child
  • - Please do not take holidays in term time (we get why you want to!)
  • - Ensure your child has caught up with any work they missed
  • - Work with us when we get in contact with you if attendance is an issue

Link to School Attendance Policy - Click Here.