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St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy

Blessed Peter Snow Catholic Academy Trust Blessed Peter Snow Catholic Academy Trust

Mission Statement

Our Academies therefore operate and are informed by the following four key principles of Christian formation:

  • Places of Discipleship
  • Places where Communities are created
  • Places of Learning
  • Places where we treasure God’s World

In light of the above principles, the Trust aims to:


  • ensure secure, welcoming and engaging environments in which all individuals learn to value and respect both themselves and others
  • provide all individuals with the opportunities to achieve excellence, to develop their full potential as human beings and to encourage and challenge them to do so
  • uphold the unshakable belief in the unique potential of each child, student and member of staff
  • provide a curriculum that initiates students into the knowledge, values, attitudes and skills they need to become mature Christian adults in their personal, social, family and working lives.


St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy Mission Statement

At St John Fisher, faith, learning and service are at the core of everything we do to ensure that every child fulfils their God given potential. We strive to achieve excellence and overcome challenges through mutual respect, care and consideration underpinned by Gospel Values. We are committed to be at the heart of our community; to foster pride and a joy for learning in our young people.