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For any queries please contact the Main Reception at St John Fisher, reception@stjohnfisher.org.uk

For further queries please contact A Lyles & Sons, 01924 464771, alylesandson@aol.com


Travelling by Bus

Travelling to school by bus is a new experience for most Year 7 students. At St John Fisher we take a lot of time and care to make sure that this experience is as pleasant as it can be.

On this page there is:

  • - An outline bus route and timetable for all the dedicated services to the school
  • - Contact details for the local councils who are responsible for issuing bus

The school works closely with West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive to ensure that the buses and routes that are used provide the best available service for our students. Our first priority, as you would expect, is the health and safety of our students. Within your child’s Planner the behaviour expected of all passengers on the school’s buses is explained.

All the bus services that are detailed in this leaflet can be used by any student to travel to and from school. If you think you are entitled to financial assistance with school transport you would need to take this up with your local council.

The proposed fares to be charged in 2021/22 for each service are as follows (exact change if possible);

The Coaches operated by A.Lyles and Longstaff’s:  £1:60 each way.

Arriva JF1: Drighlington £1:75 each way, Morley and later stops £1:55 each way.

They also accept a ‘day ticket’ costing £2.50 supported with a Young Person’s Photo Card.

All Bus Passes or Young Person’s Photo Cards should be presented to the driver or the ticket machine in their cab.


The fares quoted are all half fares. To claim half fare all students should present a Young Person’s Photo Card or if aged 16-18 a Scholar’s Photo Card; both are available from METRO. https://www.wymetro.com/schools/


As School Transport Co-ordinator my role is to be on the school drive in the morning and the evening together with a senior member of staff and their duty team to ensure a smooth service between home and school. I also monitor behaviour on the school buses and apply any sanctions when necessary as well as speak on behalf of parents and students with the bus companies. Finally I liaise with the bus companies, the local councils and WYPTE to try and make sure we address any issues that arise immediately.

It is not possible in such a small space to address all the questions that I am asked by parents about the school buses. If you have a question or if you need any more assistance or information please just ask.


Mr P Rushden

School Transport Co-ordinator



 Click here to download the Latest Timetable & Routes







Applications for a Zero Fare School Bus Pass must be made to the council in whose area you live. They cannot be made directly to school.

Zero Fare School Bus Passes should only be used between St John Fisher and your permanent home address which is the address you have registered with the school.

Kirklees Council Bradford MDC Leeds City Council

Customer and Exchequer Services 01484 416982

www.kirklees.gov.uk/schooltr ansport

School Transport

01274 385581



0113 348 1121



When is assistance with school transport given?

Assistance from Kirklees Council, Leeds City Council and The City of Bradford MDC will not normally be offered to students attending schools chosen on the basis of faith; including St John Fisher.

These Authorities will consider applications in the following circumstances;

-For students from low income families, that is, families receiving free school meals or maximum level Working Tax Credit. (The distance requirement is over 2 miles)

-For students that are in local authority care or have an additional educational need.

-For students that live further than 3 miles away from school and St John Fisher is their nearest available school.

We would encourage all families in one of these situations to apply and make clear the reason why they are applying.

Additionally both METRO and the West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive have made it clear to the school that all our students must support their half fare request with either a Young Person’s Photocard or a Scholar’s Photocard if they are 16+ and they intend to claim half fare travel on any of the services the school uses.

All the school buses will accept fare-paying students as well as those with a School Bus Pass.

Good behaviour is expected of all our students on any bus that they may use. Misbehaviour on any bus constitutes a breach of the school’s Behaviour Code and will be treated accordingly.