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St John's Fisher

Welcome from the Headteacher

Our School is first and foremost a Catholic School.

All that is planned is done so in the knowledge of Christ’s teaching and all of our actions are carried out in the sure knowledge of God’s love for every member of the community.

The School’s work is guided by the highest principles. It is our intention that the Catholicity of the school will be seen in our work with all who come into contact with it.  At St. John Fisher, ensuring spiritual, religious and moral development are key parts of the curriculum. As all knowledge is God given however, the duty to develop students in all curriculum areas is stressed. To prepare our students for adult life, they are offered every opportunity to develop intellectually, socially, culturally and physically.

Catholic schools do not exist to take full responsibility for the growth of our young people. Parents are the first educators and the school has the duty to support parents in their task. Your children are precious to you and they are precious to us. We strive not to lose sight of the fact that all students are born in God’s image and have inherent worth.

The school is truly comprehensive. It caters for all abilities and tries to develop all talents. We seek to create a secure and caring environment so that our students can give their best. We seek to praise every success. In all of this, we endeavour to involve parents fully and to keep you informed.

For us, education is the key to the creation of a better society. Jesus came so that we ‘may have life and have it to the full’ (John 10:10). In our world today, we are conscious that it is now our duty to help our young people to become fully human and fully alive; to live life to the full and pursue excellence in all things.